Council Requirements

Council Requirements

Requirements surrounding approval to remove and/or prune trees on private land vary from council to council.  Trees located on the verge or nature strip are not considered private and Council should be contacted to request removal or pruning in all instances.  If in doubt, please contact your local council for advice. To assist, we have provided information published by some of our local Councils.  Full details are available on their websites or by calling the Council directly.

Blayney Shire Council

If you are living in a Heritage Conservation Area within Blayney Shire Council, Council approval is required prior to removing or significantly trimming any tree on your property.  A full list of Heritage Items within the Shire can be found here.

For further information, please refer to the Council’s website.

Phone: (02) 6368 2104                                 
Email: [email protected]

Cabonne Shire Council

Consent is required from Council for the removal of any tree within a heritage conservation area.

For further information, please refer to the Council’s website.

Phone: (02) 6392 3200                                 
Email: [email protected]

Orange City Council

Tree protection measures apply to all private and public land within the Orange City Council area. These measures prohibit the cutting down, lopping, topping and removal of any tree with a trunk size greater than 300mm at 1.4 height above ground level.


Removal of any trees or substantial pruning of trees in heritage areas requires a development application rather than a tree permit application.  Information on submitting a request for DA approval can be found on the Orange City Council website.


Some tree species are exempt from the above and do not require an application to Council for pruning or removal. For Orange City Council, these include:


Radiata pine trees (Pinus radiata)

Fruit trees (Malus sp., Prunus sp., Pyrus sp.)

Poplar trees of the following species (Populus nigra ‘Italica’, P. deltoids and P. alba)

Willow trees of the following species (Salix fragilis, S. viminalis, and S. alba)


For further information, and to obtain a copy of Council’s Removal of trees on private property application form, please refer to the Council’s website.

Phone:  (02) 6393 8000                                
Email: [email protected]